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Samson Logic is an end to end Logistics solution for the construction field and Industry 4.0.

We aim to promote 'Circular Economy' and put an end to the improvised, dangerous, and non-efficient ways construction materials are handled at all chain supply and consumption, by bringing standardization to this field using our product.

We developed proprietary "Modular Smart Packages" integrated with IoT sensors and packaging software, all uniquely designed for safe handling of materials during lifting and transportation, Lego-like assembling, division by the consumption order, and maximizing crane lifting capacity.

By that, we aim to put an end to the improvized, dangerous, wasteful method construction materials are handled today at the factories, construction sites, and transporting process.

The first material that our company is focusing on is the reinforcement bars- “Rebar”




Meet The Team

Shai Prupes

Co-Founder & CEO

Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Structural Engineering from the Technion

5 years experience as a site engineer and project manager

Danny Vainer

Co-Founder & CTO

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

7 years experience as head of developers department at leading Israeli technological company

Professor Yehiel Rosenfeld

Co-Founder & Chairman

Head of the Israeli construction research institute

Head of the department for construction management in the Technion

45 years experience in construction

Zvika David

Co-Founder & Logistic advisor

Owner & CEO at leading Israeli logistics and construction  waste recycle company

Vice president at the Israeli builders association

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Head Office

Menahem Begin 144 (Wework), Tel Aviv

Tel: +97254-7805422

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